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June 13 update: Annie is looking good and starting to get a nice belly on her. She will be enjoying the AC and extra treats until she whelps. We are do for a batch of Super hot weather and lots of humidity coming this weekend and into next week. Not only will I be giving extra TLC with Annie but my entire crew here at CCs. Early mornings out and back to their indoor outdoor runs in the heat of the day where they will enjoy shade, ac and ample fresh water.

As Annie's due date approaches I took a good look at my calendar and upcoming events. I have several on my waiting list and these dates are for my families to make tentative plans around in the event that I can help them with a puppy from this litter.

Please do not make any airline travel plans these dates are just a heads up to make plan around when the time comes.

Litter Due around June 24th..
Visits and selections will be July 21st
Departure day is set for August 18th

Litter due around June 24th

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Created 9-Jun-18
Modified 9-Jun-18
Litter due around June 24th