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When I say grouped together or as one, it does not mean they are related. It simply means that I am allowing those on my waiting list( some who have been waiting for months) the opportunity to select between both litters of pups. I felt that it would be a nice treat to those who have stuck with me all this time patiently and given me courtesy and kind words. Simple things are greatly appreciated with what I do.
Although more to choose from is not always best. Each puppy is very nice and all will be lovely.
The America (Merry) X Ruger litter is a repeat breeding I am very happy with and my Annie and Lovie litter has been much anticipated with Annie a (Mimi/Ruger) female bred to my Lovie boy. Should be stunning too.


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America & Ruger arrived 1-9-2018

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America & Ruger arrived 1-9-2018

Annie & Lovie litter arrived 12-30-1017

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Annie  & Lovie litter arrived 12-30-1017

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