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Welcome our Pipi and Ruger Grand Finale' litter
What a gorgeous litter of SIX we have this spring. They just so happened to be born on our 35th wedding anniversary
We have 5 buff boys and 1 buff girl. All pups are healthy and thriving and Ms. Pipi is doing great too.
I feel this litter is spoken for. If for some reason a puppy would be available I will make note of it on my site.
For now, I hope my families who have been waiting for their CC puppy enjoy the updates and if you just want to check back now and then to get a smile feel free to visit our Pipe and Ruger puppy gallery!

Pink Collar Female: Roxie
Green Male: Patrick
No Collar Male: Shea
Red Collar Male: O'Mally
Blue Collar Male: Lucky
Yellow Collar Male: Sully


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