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* This litter is spoken for, via my waiting list*
Litter born on July 5th and I couldn't be happier with these 5 little beauties
We have 3 buff males
1 black male
1 black female
Just look at these newborn pups, they are fat, shiny and thriving. You know I always tell people I understand my pups aren't for everyone. And that is a fact. My girls and entire crew are very well maintained and when a litter of pups looks like this I say to myself " job well done and all the hard work and dedication pays off with pups like this."
I have been told that I am pretty proud of my pups and crew and to that I say "yes I am"
Sleepness nights of checking on our moms, making sure they are healthy and constant monitoring of mothers to be and puppies.
Newborn pups are tended to by myself and husband on a constant level making sure all are up and eating and mom is feeling good with no complications. It is a full time job, one that I take very seriously.
Puppies are in constant interaction and given lots of attention in an environment that again is what I feel the best it can be. With everything spit shined and climate controlled.
The nest you see our mothers on is a heated nest of 99 degrees to keep the body temp of pups warm so they can grow and thrive.
So please enjoy this latest litter of CC pups as they mature over the next few weeks and enjoy all my updates to the families who have chosen CCs for their newest companion.

Getting close

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Getting close


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First meal

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