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Holy happy New Year, we are bursting with beautiful babies in 2018!
Merry and Ruger have given us a litter of 8 beauties
Ryder ~ Buff male Blue collar
Radley ~ Buff male Green collar
Benson ~ Black male with red collar
Violet Female ~ Black with pink collar
Olive Female~ Black girl no collar
Rebel Female ~ Buff girl no collar
Honey Female ~ Buff girl red collar
Sugar Female ~ Buff girl yellow collar

All are doing great. As I have said I am grouping these two litters together for my families to select from.
Please refer to the New Arrivals and Available puppies Gallery for full information on what's available at this time.

Updates will be on Tuesdays unless something comes up and I need to switch a day. Check back often because I like to share bonus updates when I can


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