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I feel these ladies have grown with me over the years!

The story begins with two sisters Vicki and Jo Jean coming to CC's to get a new puppy for daughter and niece "Erin" for her graduation from college.

They selected a beautiful buff girl known as Bella for Erin. Then they decided they too needed a CC Cocker and Boo and Doc joined their homes. Doc is friend to Jo Jeans steadfast companion Teddy pictured in our album. Teddy is a dear old soul!

Time passes and Vicki decides upon our handsome boy known as Radley as constant companion for Boo.

I just thought it easiest to group these CC Cockers together. As you can see they have grown up with each other over the years.

The kids gave me the works for grooming............the table, good clippers and blades, smocks, etc. Like my husband used to can do anything if you have the right tools. I cannot believe what a difference it makes just using really good clippers. The boys are always good when I groom them.........but with the table........what a breeze.
I also included a picture of my sisters golden "Teddy" She is a a dear old soul.
Love the pictures............and I cannot tell you what a great time I have with my boys. And I swear they talk to me.

Hi, Stephanie,

I realized when I saw the updated page on Boo and Radley that I haven't been sending you any updates on Doc (thanks for putting up his baby picture though). He is truly a lap dog who loves to cuddle. He does have an agenda--I call it "boofing" at me (bark + woof) when he wants something. Erin and Cullan call it "UP, LADY, UP!" I have enclosed some photos of Boo and Radley at my house. The blondes love to play tug of war; Boo referees. When they are at my house, Radley loves to explore the yard and eventually Boo will as well. But the blondes like to team up for trouble!

They are all good with Teddie, my grand olde girl. She doesn't intimidate anyone, especially Radley! He so wants her to play with him. Her joints are a bit creaky, but then so are mine in this cold weather!

Doc is quite content in the yard. The first 2 pictures are showing you what he will do for long periods of time. I don't let him stay out in the bitter cold but when I do let him go out, he just sits out there and watches something. I haven't figured out what he sees yet except I have seen a couple of squirrels who will tantalize him by running out of my trees and over the fence to the neighbor's yard. I don't know if he is waiting for them to come back or if he just likes the peace and quiet!

As always, we check in on your crew frequently. Between the three of us, Vicki, Erin or I will alert the others to the new puppies and what's happening with your family. The best of everything in the new year.
Jo Jean

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