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Hi Stephanie!
Just wanted to send you a little update to go along with the pics that I sent last Friday. This fall has been so enjoyable with the three pups! We adore spending time with them out in the yard, at the dog park, and of course cuddling up at night watching TV on the couch, or having one, two, or all three at our feet during computer time!
"The boys" are always together as a pack, and just like with siblings there is the occasional squabble that happens, but it never lasts for long and they are off and running again. Peter, who turned one in March, has become such a lively, self-confident young man, that he thinks he should call all the shots. He has matured into a gorgeous adult almost as tall as Parker (two years old), who is 17 inches tall! Parker, big as he is plays the role of the "middle child", and timidly lets the others take charge. Ernie, turning ten in April, sometimes looks at the younger pups with a gaze that says...."grow up already!"
Needless to say, they have filled in the gap that my youngest daughter left here at home when she went to CO to college. She is planning to stay and do graduate school, so she won't be back any time soon! My son and oldest daughter are out on their own now, so it's us and the pups!
Hope things have settled down for you, and that you have been able to enjoy the glorious fall weather we have been having with your crew. Good luck in your future breedings..... we will be watching your website for sure! Best wishes to your busy family, as well!
Take care.
Janet and Bob

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