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Simba update May
Hi Stephanie,

All is good here in Knox Indiana! Loving the warm weather. I Love, Love, LOve my Boy! He is the sweetest most Happy go Lucky Puppy I have ever seen. He will play with the big dogs or he is happy to just play by himself.
Simba is the perfect name for him. He pounces just like Simba on the Lion King! He lays down and gets into his attack position and waits for Bandit or Bella to get close and then he pounces on them. Bandit will play back with him but Bella does not find it funny al all. LOL

I have so many stories to tell but I will try to keep it short and sweet. OK, he loves to play frisbie and chase bubbles outside and he loves tummy rubs. He is my little shadow just like Bella. He is the best helper ever when it comes to cleaning! He tries to eat the broom, runs off with the dust pan and then knocks over the garbage can. He is lucky he's so darn cute! LOL
Your Friend,

Bella is a beautiful puppy with a sweet personality. Very loving with lots of puppy kisses. She loves to play fetch! Her favorite place to sleep is on my lap.

I am so glad I found Classy Country Cocker! You have beautiful puppies and dogs. I love your website. Every chance I get I check it out to see what's new. My favorite is all those adorable new puppies, they just melt my heart.
God Bless You and your family! More Bella

Hi Stephanie, Here are some pictures of Bella. She is So Sweet!! I can't believe she is going to be a year old in August. Time goes by so fast. Bella is my little shadow, she is always there by my side. She loves to play outside and chase butterflies. Its so cute watching her pounce after them :)
Bella also loves to fetch sticks. She prances so proudly with her head held high when she brings the stick back. It is so cute and funny!
I hope you have a great summer,

Hi Stephanie,
It's Bella's 1st Birthday. She is such a beautiful dog. Thank you so much for our precious Bella Grace!
Thanks for all your hard work and care you put into all those beautiful Cocker Spaniels.

Bella continues to be the sweetest little thing. She is always by my side, follows me from room to room. She is extremely smart, very lovable and the cutest Cocker Spaniel Ever!!

Bella is having a ball this summer. The kids and some of their friends had a water balloon fight and Bella was right out there with them. She had a blast chasing everyone and she got all wet.
She's my little buddy,

Hi Stephanie, I am writing to give you an update on Bella. She is the sweetest dog ever! Cocker Spaniels are very smart and loving animals. I have a basket full of Bella's toys and when she wants to play she will get one out of the basket. When she's done playing she puts the toy back into the basket. That's one smart Dog!!

Playing frisbi out back is one of her favorite things to do. When she gets tired and wants to come in, she takes the frisbi to the back door and sits there until I come and let her in. We also play hide n seek. I'll throw the frisbi and while she's chasing it, I hide behind a tree or bush. When she comes back she looks all over for me until she finds me. It's so Cute! When I comb her she will lay on her side and fall asleep. I have never had a dog fall asleep while being combed. Bella is a one of a kind dog. I always laugh when she falls asleep. I find myself laughing alot with Bella.

The kids and my husband all lover her and she always meets them after school and work with her little tail wagging, waiting for her tummy to be rubbed.

A dog is truly your best friend
They never judge you, they just love you unconditionally.

Thanksgiving 2012
A hearthfelt wish for the simple pleasures of family fun and laughter, giving and Caring, Loving and sharing at Thanksgiving and ever after.
Michele and Family
New pictures of Bella Grace, Hope you like them.
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