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Hally really is a little blessing all around. She has her sassy side -- like when she insists on playing with her squeaky orange football and rings her bell constantly to go outside and play! That is her favorite toy by far, and she even sleeps with it. But she's also a very loving little girl. She loves to meet new people and give kisses and is always ready to snuggle. If we are on the couch, she brings up a toy to chew on and lays across either Tim or me (or both, if she can manage it!).

Tim and I are expecting our first child (a boy!) in the middle of December, and Hally is always ready to take a nap with me when it's time for a rest. Her little expressions and curious nature are just a joy to watch. We love her so much and are excited to see what a good "big sister" she'll be to our new addition.

I've attached a few pics of our girl — with the heat this summer we have her cut pretty closely. Plus, it's easier to keep her clean as she runs in and out of the flowers and bushes! ") There's one pic of her on our ottoman watching the Olympics. I've never seen a dog pay as close attention to what's on tv as she does! She gets so engrossed that she doesn't even notice her hind end is sliding off! :-) I also included one from her graduation from intermediate puppy school.

Hope all is well with you and your family! We look forward to seeing new pics of the next litters on the site!

Best wishes,

Tim & Lisa

(and Hally!)

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