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What a fun filled morning I had! The sun was shining and my families were excited to see their new companions in real life.
I think everyone was pretty thrilled with the pups and their selections. I will say it was hard to choose just one or "two" out of such a nice selection of pups.
Erin and Mike did some facetime with Vicki and Jo Jean. These ladies have been with me for 13 years. They came down to get their first CC Cocker for Erin when she graduated College. Bella passed away this winter and Erin is now taking home Fitz & Frankie and mom Vicki is taking home the little green collared boy I call Shea. Vicki has Doc and Boo at home and says this is the last pup. " We shall see" :) Jo Jean has Doc at home. All on my Furry Friends gallery.
Nan and David are taking home two girls, Red collar girl and Yellow collar girl, new names Charlotte and Lilly.
Little blue boy Danny is now Bailey and will be enjoying a wonderful life with Bonnie and Tom. Bonnies had a rough year and this little guy is going to be just what the Dr. ordered.

I truly enjoyed my visits today and the Crew was on their best behavior.

I say it time and again in any correspondence I send out. " I understand my pups aren't for everyone, but those who take home a CC Cocker puppy are the best of the best."

Thank you for all your kind words and appreciation of the time and effort I put into my pups and families. Sometimes it's nice to have a "thatta girl":)

April 19,
I've got 4 pups leaving on the 20th so we all had some fun. Well mostly me, I had the fun. The pups received their final hair cut and photo shoot from me today. I have to say that all are so pretty and "ready for homes". Oh my I hope you are all rested up because these pups are on GO!!

4-23-17 Birthday photo shoot
What a great way to spend my birthday. Kreg is out planting corn, the sun is shining and I have 3 girls leaving tomorrow morning. So a spa photo shoot day was in order.
Gorgeous pups who are all outgoing and doing great.
Remmington and Scarlett leave Wednesday then all will have flown the Country Coop.
Great pups and great families. I imagine I will have a few more photos to add to this gallery. hehehe :)

Three girls flew the coop today. What a great day to release the pups. Charlotte and Lilly are off to MO and Ellie off to TX. The girls were looking so pretty for their final day and I know they are going to great homes.

Remington and Scarlett are left. All is good

4-26 is the final release date for this litter. Oh my I'm kind of sad actually. I'm going to miss these two. Remington and Scarlet have joined their forever homes. Each puppy is going to a perfect family for them. Remington to the suburbs of Chicago where he will be best friends with Cam (13 months old) for years to come
Scarlet is off to WI where she is going to be spoiled and loved by Suzanne who is a grandma too! So Scarlet is already prepared for the kids. What a handsome pair they make
Life is good in the Country
Ruger is showing of his babies todayRuger Sponging up the loveSugar doing what she does best, quiet gentle kissesTechnology at its finest

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