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Well, hello, Stephanie---- It has been a long while since I last sent you an update and some pics. The boys turned 2 this year, and like you told us when we picked them up.... they are very handsome boys indeed. Both Hunter (brown nose) and Redford (black nose) continue to be just the happiest, well-behaved and totally fun companions. They seem totally content and have a very close bond with each other and with us. These brothers are so much fun and lively and really enjoy their surroundings and life in general... it IS a dog's life! Hunter is about 10 lbs bigger than Redford, but it's Redford who constantly gets his big brother going........anyway, I could go on and on about them. Attached are recent pics... the day they turned 2--- dirty boys, who just finished chasing rabbits, and the other was the next day after a clean up and grooming.

Best to you and your lovely family.

Scott & Mike

Hi, Stephanie----
Belated wishes for the New Year to you, your family, and all the crew! Things have been very busy around here, and we are all just getting back to "normal" after the holidays. Hunter & Redford continue to be great little companions and are really taking to their lifestyle up here. They got neutered about a month ago and Hunter's hernia was sealed.... all came through with flying colors!
They both had their first "spa day" at the groomers and seemed to really enjoy it. Hey, they had a scented bubble bath and the total treatment at the groomers..... we should all be so lucky! They got great reports from the groomer who was amazed at how social these two boys are, and they look really amazing now, coats and color are really great, and they are maturing into really handsome boys. They are growing leaps and bounds too...... Hunter is tipping the scale at 25 lbs and Redford is a shade shy of 20lbs. Both continue to quickly learn new commands and really play together so very nicely. It really is special to know that they are brothers and enjoy each other totally! They actually "sing" together when they wake up in the morning, letting us know the day has begun..... like roosters, they are up at 5 a.m. Our vet got a kick out of the signing as well....telling us that they had the whole kennel going at one point! It really is a joy to have the boys with us!
Till next time, take care, and all the best to you!
Scott and Mike
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