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Hi Stephanie! Greetings from North Carolina! It has been far too long since I last shared photos and news of Henry and I wanted to quickly reiterate what an absolute joy and blessing he has been to my life. He is so charismatic and loving, and everyone that meets or sees him can tell. Now after visiting your site I see just how identical he and Marley are. Spitting image! He will be 21 months in five days and I keep reminding myself that he won't reach his true potential until 24 months. He gets more and more handsome every day! Please see attached for a few photos since my last email. Hope you and the gang are well!

All our best, Alexandra and Henry

Hi Stephanie!

We made it home safe and sound Saturday evening after a layover in Indy. Henry was a wonderful car companion, and as you said he slept almost the entire way home. Now that he is settled, he is enjoying romping, napping, and chewing in his new home. He went on his first walk yesterday and was totally beat after that. In the process of cleaning up for Easter dinner I vacuumed right around him and he didn't move a muscle!

I wanted to thank you so much for your guidance, patience and assistance throughout this process. I think I have been planning on this since 2008 and you have been amazing throughout the whole journey. I loved being able to finally meet you, see your wonderful dogs and facilities and of course picking up little Henry. I hope you enjoy these snapshots of Henry's first few days at home!

All my best,


I hope all is well with you and the weather has started to come around since we were up in April! Henry is growing and thriving in sunny North Carolina. I snapped these photos with my phone last week after Henry's first hair cut. He is such a good boy with a wonderful personality and demeanor. As you know, I have just relocated to a new city and I like to joke that Henry makes more friends than I do! Everywhere we go he turns heads and begs everyone's attention. I have already given your name to several admirers. Just trying to do my part to spread the CC family even farther south!

Hi Stephanie! I hope you and the rest of the Crew are doing well! I thought it was time for a little update on Henry. He is now seven and a half months and doing wonderfully! He's fully house broken and ALMOST over eating my socks! He is such a joy and I love spending time with him. He is truly the perfect companion for this new chapter of my life. I've attached a photo. I am totally partial, but I think he is SO handsome! I call him Handsome Pants often... enjoy!
Alexandra and Henry

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