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Dear Stephanie,

Annie and I would like to report in on what's up with the new pup. Lucy rode on Ann's lap home to crime ridden St. Louis just perfectly.

We followed your directions through Altona, on to 474 then on to 155 where Ms. Lucy woke up and began to whine and try and climb up Annie's front at which time we pulled off of the 155 and found a freshly mowed quite part of an exit ramp and allowed Lucy the opportunity to drain her radiator. Once back in the car and on Annie's lap, she was out all the way back to St. Louis.

Lucy cried quite a bit once home, strange people and surroundings and such. She didn't have much interest in her food however did drink water the first night. After scouting out her new surroundings, she enjoyed laying on my chest while in my recliner and took comfort in nuzzling my beard and neck with an occasional tug at my chin hairs which was expected and was quickly and gently discouraged.

When Lucy was not trimming my beard, she liked laying on Ann's stomach and chewing on puppy sized toys and fingers with those needle like puppy teeth which was also gently discouraged. At bed time,we placed her small pet crate atop the coffee table facing Ann who sleeps on the sofa. With the hallway nightlight on so Lucy could see Ann, all went well the first night. When Lucy had to make a potty run, she would whine persistently for about 30 seconds then Annie would carry her out to the fenced in back yard to do her thing then back inside to the crate and back to sleep..

On her second day at her new home, the whining faded except for notifying us of a needed potty run and Lucy began to eat her dry Nutri Source Puppy Food as she wanted too with Annie & I following the amount guide on the packaging for her weight and age.

On her first Vet visit on Sat. 4-19, Lucy slept through almost the entire exam. "No Shots" just a listen to her heart and lungs, looked at her ears and eyes , checked her hips etc. The vet did admire Lucy and talked with us for an extended time while constantly paying with her ears and gently petting her while she continued to sleep.
In the event he was a "Cocker Hater" I do believe that Ms. Lucy may have redirected his thinking on that matter.

We gave him a copy of your shot schedule and told him we wanted to stay on time with her shots as listed. No debate.

We have had extensive experience with the dreaded Cocker ear problems with our past two Cockers. We will concoct your ear solution and keep it as a standby but will also get the Gimborn R-7 Ear Cleaner and Ear Drying Cream first.

When you get the chance, we would also like your recommendation for a good pet shampoo. We had a bad experience with a shampoo with pyreatherins with our first dog and never used anything with that natural insecticide ever again.

Two nights ago, Ms. Lucy christened our living room carpet and Annie jumped up to get her in mid squat. Annie tripped and fell hitting her left eye on a nearby small box resulting in an instant black eye!!! Now the neighbors think I'm a wife beater (with a great looking new puppy).

As of today, Lucy is comfortable. She only whines when it's potty time, and is attempting to chew on everything with those killer puppy teeth (our ear lobes included). I think she is beginning to think her name is NO! instead of Lucy.

She is a sweet, great looking little puppy and Annie and I would like to thank Mercy & Marley and most of all you for providing us with such a wonderful example of Mother Nature at her very best. Thank you so very much. Please be assured that Lucy has gone to a loving, quite great home.

I accidentally erased the two photos of you, Annie and Lucy at your kennel. Nice work huh? We will be sending you others as we get them. Annie wants to know if Rowan's "Bunny" ran away all ready?

Thank you for everything,

Jim & Ann

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