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Hi Stephanie,

Hope you are staying warm. We sure are enjoying our Sugars. She is so sweet! What a people dog! At this point in time, we are up to our ears in dog pee. She uses the potty pad pretty good which is amazing but also marks her territory around out kitchen. Ella is the best at reading her and takes her to the pad and she goes. It is so cute how Ella has become the little mother. She carries Sugars around a lot and hugs and loves her. We left Ella on the couch with Sugars to babysit her while I took a call for work. When we came back, both had fallen asleep. Ella was still sitting up.

Sugars goes to Chase when she wants to play. He runs through the kitchen and she chases him. He wears her down. They like to play ball. Ella is like the Mom that does all the heavy lifting and Chase is the Dad that really wants to help but is better at play.

She’s an absolute joy. It’s pretty unbelievable how everyone can’t stop talking about how cute she is. She has already been photographed to go on the “dog wall” at the local bbq restaurant. Hope you are enjoying a nice break before the next round comes. I will send pics from my phone


Sugars is getting along fabulously! She seems to have settled in at the house. She’s not nervous and loves all the toys we have for her. She sleeps and plays a lot. She’s eating good. She’s bonding very well with all us, each in our own way.

True to her roots she is up very early with the chickens and ready to start the day. Today we got her to stay in bed until 6, which is great. Surprisingly, potty training is going very well. She will go on the pad by herself if she is in the general vicinity of it. She wakes up at night and goes on the pad. (We take her to it.) She will not go across the kitchen yet to find it and she loves to go on any throw rug. It’s so funny! All throw rugs have been removed as she just can’t resist them. Thanks for working with us to pick her up early.

It’s was great having her on Monday with all of us. I don’t have any pics to share from this computer but I certainly will be sending some soon. Thanks for all your help! What a great dog!
March 18th update on Sugars

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