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CC's Precious Princess other wise known as PP is our newest addition to the Crew. Rowan and I thought we needed a fall project while her daddy and grandpa are in the field for harvest.

I rarely hold a puppy back but this little girl is for me. She is out of my beloved Mr. Beaux and Mercy. She is everything my Beaux line gives and with Mercy's pedigree behind her I am expecting a flashy little red girl.

As you can see she is much loved by Rowan and probably will be one of the most photographed pups in the USA. LOL

I simply can't wait to watch my little PP mature. She is already so much fun. She has made her way into the play yard with the crew here and there and they all surround her like the princess she is.

I have another surprise for PP and CC's in November... could PP be getting a friend? I think so ;)

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