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Welcome to my newest gallery. First off I will never " make a calendar". I have way too many great photos that would be in it.

I could call it, "I'm just showin' off now." but thought that might be a bit much.

This gallery will be showcasing my Crew with a few shots I take throughout the year and seasonal fun. You will also find a few photos with my little helpers" Grandchildren" too. Nothing makes my day more perfect that the kids, crew and my camera.

As always,
Stephanie and the Crew
My Riley Boy!HollyIvyMajorMajorChelsea Sparkles (Mimi/Lovie pup)Chelsea SparklesChelsea SparklesRuger with his pup HarveyRuger with his pup HarveyRuger "rootin' for the Cubbies October 2017"Annie May 2017America 5-6-2017Lovie 2-2017Lovie 2-2017Lovie 2-2017

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