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Thank you for taking my advice and giving Savannah and Ranger their NuVet

Hi Stephanie - Ranger is doing great! He is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. Savannah has always been cute but he is gorgeous. We took him outside when we got home and he peed and pooped. I threw his blanket in his crate and we let him check out the kitchen/hearth room. Later we were eating a bite and found he had gone in his crate and fell asleep. He has done that twice. Noel and I are amazed. Potty training has gone well. He loves the yard. We made it home just in time because 24 hours later it was snowing. Ranger liked the snow. Savannah has been very good with him. We have taken it slow with them but she is doing fine. He really wants her to play with him. Noel and I enjoyed our time with you and getting to see the crew. You have an amazing business and provide such joy to people! Thank you for all you do.

We also enjoyed coming to the farm. IL has such lovely farmland and so many of the farms are beautiful and well kept. I look forward to seeing it sometime in spring with the crops and green grass. I'll send pictures soon. Take care. Cecelia

It's been 7 years since I've seen Cecelia, she is taking great care of Savannah and I look forward to her return trip 2-15 for her new CC black boy from Rylee and Marley

I have to say it was a special day to see Cecelia and Noel again after all these years. It looks like Savannah Jubilee will have a playmate. Now the jury is still out if she is going to welcome Ranger into the household with open arms. LOL We do know that the grandkids are anxious for Ranger to get home to KS.

I told Cecelia and Noel that some things never change, 7 years ago it was bitter cold and the wind blowing too!

Enjoy your new little addition, he sure is one handsome pup.

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