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September has arrived here in the country and we have been enjoying sunshiny days and wonderful temps. Kreg says it's going to be a late fall on the farm this year as the crops are no where near turning for harvest. I guess we'll see how that all works out for us.
Our first fall adventure was Wedding dress shopping for Aubrey on 9-9-17. Amber and I enjoyed the day helping Aubrey pick out just the perfect dress and I have to say "WOW" is it ever stunning! I can't wait for 9-8-18 to share this glorious event with everyone.
Aleck our youngest is traveling all over with his college livestock judging team, we don't see him too much other than coming home for bed and me doing his laundry. That's ok that's what college life is. I hardly recognize him these days. He has thinned down and looks all grown up now. Oh and he is very handsome too!
Along with harvest and and holidays we have Aubrey graduating from Benedictine/Northwestern Universities this December. Our country girl is a city girl these days.
We have Grandbaby #6 due the first part of December. Yes Rowan and Vale are going to have new sibling.

I look forward to filling this gallery with Fall on the Farm with the Mains!
Amber and Tim out on the townAmber looking so prettyKids playing in Grandma's parkEthan getting so bigEli loves to SWINGEvalie is just enjoying the last of summerEthans favorite is playing catch with GrandpaOver to see Grandpa Kregs pumpkin Patchsome ground we farm , Soy beans turningand then this happened

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