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Macy is officially retired as of this month. I had hoped for a grand finale litter but that wasn't to be. She is in fine health and is going to make a fabulous companion with Annette and her senior boy Smokey. Annette had my Lilly Mae for 10 years and she just passed away this month. Macy will be a much loved and pampered pet in her new forever home. I look forward to seeing Annette again very soon. Macy will be enjoying the beautiful Michigan beaches on a regular basis. Life is good for my retired girls. She is young and has lots of good years ahead of her.

Macy is sister to Lola, both are here at CC's. I kept the girls back from my Sassy and Banks breeding. Both of which are retired here at CC's.

Pedigree behind Macy is quite nice, she takes after her mother in her looks. I find myself looking at her and thinking she is the carbon copy of her mother CC's Lil Miss Sassafrass. She is quite petite with a tiny little head, she has that great cocker attitude that I enjoy so much. Her coat is a beautiful golden red where as her sister Lola is more of light buff.

She is everything I knew she would be. Can't wait to share some CC pups from this girl.
Lola and Macy "sisters"Macy April 2013Macy April 2013Macy April 2013Macy April 2013Macy April 2013

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