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Hey Stephanie,

We made it home with no issues. She slept for about 5 hours and then we stopped at my husbands sisters at Battle Creek. (And yes they felt the earthquake that happened yesterday. The house actually made sounds!). She got to potty and run a round a bit for the last leg of our trip. They all fell in love with her. We got back in the car and she slept another 2 hours. We hit the house and potty time and dinner which she ate very well. She played for a couple of hours actually and was then worn out. Time for her crate and I had to sit with her for about 15 minutes to calm her and she fell asleep and I actually woke her at 6:30 when I got up! Not a peep all night and no accident in her crate. In fact every time we have gone outside she immediately squats and pees! Whoo who! It's a celebration when it happens! She is once again down for a nap now after being up for a time. Tessa said it looks like she has two switches on and off. Plays hard then just lays down and crashes when she is done.

We having been laughing and just loving her up. And I do have to say she is very inquisitive and is living investigating. Loves to crawl under and over everything.

Thank you so much for a beautiful puppy. We enjoyed meeting you and seeing your crew. Tell Rowan thank you for loving Zoey so well. I will send pictures when I get them going!

Jo Anne

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