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Everyone that sees Redford thinks he is SUCH a perfect dog! Says I should SHOW him...don't know where, but he does have a great confirmation and "trot"! His personality is truly his own, so smart... totally toilet trained and knows many voice commands. They say border collies are the smartest...after this guy, I"m not so sure. He sure holds his own! This purchase of Redford is one of the best ones I have ever made for sure! Thanks again for all that you do!

He IS totally spoiled! On the bed, on my husband is "completely" jealous...tho Redford has made his way into HIS lap every time Ron sits as well----which I have to tell you has NEVER happened with any other dog! He sleeps with Matt, when he is home from college. Just like his name sake "Robert Redford"----this one is a charmer!
May 9, 2013Redford helping with the HayMy walking buddy RedfordRedford enjoying the holiday season on the farm

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