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Thank you for taking my advice and giving Ruger NuVet

Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to touch base now that Rugar is home and after his vet appt today! As expected he did amazing and the vet was super impressed with him -- health, beauty, and temperament.
They also were impressed with how equipped we were around the products for prevention of ear infections (using the r-7 products) and quality of food he was on. The hernia, is a non-issue as expected, due to how small it is, they expect it will likely heal on its own if not they will stitch it when he's fixed at 4 months.
Our vets shots line up to yours exactly except he will get bordatella due to we board our dog from time to time if go on vacations and family can't keep him.

Rugar is doing amazing and has had a seamless transition into our home! I can't get over how easy it's been for him! He's such an amazing dog, thank you! I am not sure we could be any happier.

Thanks also for the very informative and transparent visit on Sunday my husband was very impressed and happy we choose you as our breeder.

We will keep in touch as our Rugar grows. :)

Thank you!

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