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My heart is full...... I had my three dollies come to play on Friday, as you all know Rowan and Vale come every Friday and we invited Evalie to come play for the day too.
Of course we did play~doh and Rowan brought her back pack full of Barbies and her Barbie Dog that has puppies ( yes they make that) but the main attraction was getting to go out and visit Chelsea our one little pup from Pipi and Lovie.

While the circumstances of having just the one pup is not my most favored memory having the girls sitting in the whelping box helping to nurse and watch over this little girl I hope will have lasting memories for the girls with Grandma Stephanie.
I honestly wish I had a camera set up to see the interaction with the girls. (Well Vale was being busy but lets remember she turns 2 the end of October)

Pipi was her quiet loving and perfect self as the girls were all up in her business with her puppy, Rowan was showering her with love and kisses, Evalie too was right in there petting, talking and wanting lots of puppy cuddle time.

Life is good at CCs.... God bless you all because he surely has blessed me

On a side note, we now have THREE adorable just the right size Cocker Spaniel scarves created by our very own CC family member Katy (Shermans mom) The girls love them but Vale is not quite sure about hers yet. Too cute!

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