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We Still Love our ZAZU from Roxy and Riley

Just wanted to send a note about Zazu. Not sure if you remember us but we were the military family that bought Zazu from you, daughter of Roxy I believe. We are absolutely over the moon with her. She has been THE BEST dog with our kids and doesn't have a mean bone in her. She has taken a lot of abuse from the kids from getting dressed up, accidentally poked in the eye, etc and no snarling or anything. We are so happy with her personality, health, and of course her beautiful look. She is 10 years old this year. We are back living at Camp Pendleton but will be moving to Quantico this summer with her. This will be her 5th duty station!

Just watching the Westminster Dog Show and remembering back when we got her as a puppy. We'll be getting another dog when we get out of the Marine Corps in about four years or so. Hope you all are well!! Kristine

I am hoping for some Zazu family fun photos to come!

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