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9-24-13 Update:
Daisy went for her check up at the Vet today. Loved to hear the Vet say she is the picture of good health. Great breeding. Thanks to you!!! She has never been treated for any of the common Cocker ailments. Ears are perfect, great loving disposition and her weight is right on the mark. Recently we had to change to a new groomer. The new groomers are in love with both daisy and chloe. They never fuss and truly enjoy their monthly trip to the spa. You taught them right from the first clip!! XOXOX Love my Country Cockers!!!

Dear Stephanie,
Just a quick note to say thank you for providing us with 2 precious Country Cockers. Daisy and Chloe have blossomed into the PERFECT pets for us. They are both so much fun. While each has a distinctive personality they are both extreemly friendly and loveable.
Chloe is impossible to capture on film, we tried digital too!!. We never could get her to pose or stay still long enough to capture her vibrant personality. This photo does capture her eyes, however it is not a good representation of her cocker cut.
In the past year Daisy and Chloe have bonded and now are best friends. Daisy the leader and "Momma" with Chloe the "Instigator". Chloe still talks all the time with her throaty purring. They both enjoy excellent health, have great coats and just love people.
We couldn't be happier!!
Thank you again,
Gayle and Henry
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