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I can't say enough good things about my CC family members. Wanda along with friend Barb made the trip all the way from Tampa FL for the second time! It seems she thought that Miss Honey needed a playmate so they packed their bags and headed up north for BJ. While Honey was the smallest of her litter, BJ is the largest in his. This pair of buffs from Hunter and Willow are sure to turn heads. I am told that Honey has a following where ever she is and receives many a compliment on her beauty. Honey is attending puppy class where I am sure she is the star!

Honey is now up to 10 pounds,she is growing soo fast. We went for her last set of shots today and she got her microchip.
My vet said "kudos to your breeder" and "the trip to Illinios was sure worth it." I agree wholeheartedly!
She goes next Wed for her first full groomimg(she already went for face and foot cleanup and to met Sara(Gingers groomer)
I am so enjoying puppyhood with absolutely no regrets. Ginger and I are both more active, to keep up with Honey and that can only be good.
I will send more photos after her grooming.
We also are having beautiful weather and play outside lots.
Wanda,Ginger and HONEY

you know I had planned to name my puppy Nutmeg, so I would have GInger and Nutmeg "my spice girls" but Honey fits her so much better.
I'm sending 2 of my favorite pictures of the girls.
Merry Christmas,


I have more pictures of Honey.I have taken hundreds of them,but she does not like the flash and turns away just in time to mess up the picture. But here are a few for you to see how beautiful she is. She is still a really good girl. She just finished 8 weeks of school and her teacher thinks she would be a good candidate as a service dog that visits nursing homes, etc around here,so she will be continuing her education and get a service certificate She is such a lover and thrives on attention.

She loves outside and is facinated by squirrels and ducks and birds,well just about everything! She chases the little lizards and caught her first one last week.Fortunately she did "drop it" when I asked her to. It was dead but at least she did't eat it!
As you can see by the picks she has taken up golf(as most Floridians do) and her favorite ball is her yellow Sponge Bob Square Pants one. She loves to fetch and plays all the time.
Well enough "bragging" but I do so enjoy her.

Tkae care and stay warm

Wanda,Ginger and HONEY

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