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What a pleasure it was to meet Mary and Jim today when they came to Fetch Miss Liberty today. Mary has been so good about keeping in touch and expressing her gratitude of the photo updates and general appreciation of my hard work. For that I say thank you so much. It's those kind words that keep my going on some days!

We even had some fun with my Mimi girls and they helped me do a little video for my families.

While I live in rural Illinois surrounded by corn and bean down a gravel road. I sure do meet families from all over the country and all walks of life. I feel like I am one lucky crazy dog lady sharing my beautiful pups along the way.

Amy and Scott came to fetch CC puppy #2 Boomer and Bailey went home with her new family and is doing just great too.
Baxter Max meets new brother BOOMERAmy, Scott, Baxter Max and BoomerAmy with her new little bundle of cuteness BoomerBailey is in the house!

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