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Merry Merry as she as known here at CC's was retired Sept. 18, 2011. Retiring my girls is always very bittersweet! Some girls I am attached to more so than others and Merry was one that was close to my heart. She is sweet, loving and calm! She always did well here at CC's but always was one to not get mixed up in the busy antics of the Crew at play. I have found that to be very common with my Beaux line dogs. They tend to have his very quiet demeanor about them.

On Sept 18, I knew Merry was going to the perfect home. Her new family had made a special visit about a month before she was ready to go and we all decided Merry who is now Molly would fit nicely into their home.

Cindy is Molly's new mom and has a huge heart and a quiet voice! I know " Merry Molly" is living the good life as a retired CC girl.

Cindy Writes on 1-18-2012

Dear Stephanie:

Hope all is good with your family. I saw the picture of the newest puppies and they are just adorable. Once again, the girls were scooped up right away.

Little Merry is doing just wonderfully. She has become the most kind, sweet loving little dog. I can't imagine what we would do without her and I know she loves us that much too. Her disposition is so gentle. She sure likes having a whole house and people all of her own though. She is the first of any of the dogs that we had that sleep with us, but she wasn't happy anywhere else so we have all ajusted.

I will get you a picture soon, she is due for a haircut next week again so I will get you one then.

Sometimes I wonder if she gets a little lonely with no other pet to play with but maybe in the future... we will let her be an only child for a while.

Again, I can't thank you enough for letting us have her. If I could have said every trait that I wanted a pet to have, I would have gotten them all in her and more. We love her so very much.

Take care,

Merry as a puppy, Sugar and Mr. Beaux are her parents

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