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My first thoughts after spending a fabulous day with my little helper Rowan and her little sister Vale is " Oh my when did my little helper grow up?"
It seems just in the last couple of weeks Rowan has gone from a "bittybaby" to little girl. We have full conversations, she is very helpful, mindful and lots of please and thank yous.
The cover photo for this gallery is favorite sports team day at her pre pre school she attends a couple of days a week at the local high school.
This grandma is feeling like her little ones are growing up way to quickly.
My helper with Sugar and Lovie on #fridayfundaya perfect day for a romp with SugarSugar and Marley ever by her sideFaithful companionsRowan with Lovie and SugarOh mymy helper on a missionLovie is having a moment with Marley....

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