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Hello Stephanie,

I thought I would give you an update the boys. They had their 9 week appointment last weekend and both boys are over 8 pounds! The boys survied their first haircut yesterday (besides what you gave them). They look sooo adorable. Logan was a real trooper...Mac, not so much! Mac screamed like a little girl when she came at his face! I have attached a few pictures to show you how cute they are. Unfortunately, they don't have their bows in their hair anymore. It took them about 10 min to get them off their ears, and of course they REALLY looked like little girls instead of our little boys. Mac is losing his scrunchy nose that we absolutely adore! Everyone whoo sees them, LOVES them. what's not to love! Also, strangers on the street top to say hello to them!

They have both settled in well here. They are very loveable to us and to each other (sometimes). They still haven't decided who's the "big man around here, so they are still working that out. It can get quite crazy here when they go at long does that take again?! They both enjoy chewing...on everything! They chew on feet, paper and even on the cardboard we have taped to our stair case railing(so they don't fall through). The boys also hit a big milestone a couple of weeks ago: They both learned to go up and down the outside steps. We go out for walks often and we have learned that they must ALWAYS be on a leash until they are fully trained. Those boys are fast now! I have a hard time keeping up with them for the most part, but it's fun to try! After a long, fun filled day, We all sleep hard! They only get up once in the middle of the night now and every once in a while they sleep through the entire night (boy how I enjoy those nights!)

We are sooo greatful for finding you! We LOVE our boys soo much, we don't know what our life would be like without them...a lot duller then now, that's for sure! Thank you SO much for granting us the chance to love two of your puppies!

Take Care
Jen and Lu

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