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Where to begin.... LOL Miss Vale is staying with Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend while Rowan and her mom and dad are off to the Illinois Beef Expo. Aleck will be showing two steers and a heifer that A & J cattle bred and raised.
Vale is too little to go so we get her for the weekend.
After settling in for a little bit she remembered from yesterday "the puppies" she went to the door and said puppies and promptly picked up my shoes "again puppies" and then proceeded to try to get my coat off the hook all the while " puppies" on repeat! Oh it was going to happen.
I decided since I had Grandpa Kreg home for some help we do a few pictures of the pups and Vale. OMG poor Kreg had his hands full on this adventure!
We did pretty good and have a few fun shots. I swear these pups just get cuter each day. They are not afraid of anything and keeping a 1 year old and 6 pups in one place was pretty funny.
Enjoy and have a great weekend. I plan to

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