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YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!! We LOVE Miss Bella Rain:-) She is such a little love; as sweet as can be. Anna and Sarah are over the moon about our new pup. Most surprisingly, or not, Nathan is totally SMITTEN... he loves his girls! Lightning is cautious but he'll come around. We can't thank you enough for allowing us to add this little "light" into our lives! Thank you for the pictures, too. Nathan loves that your red fence and berries match his red beard... goof ball. It was so nice meeting you and your crew yesterday... one of my very best days!

Happy Week of Thanksgiving, Stephanie!

We are so THANKFUL this year for BELLA RAIN! She has brought so much
joy, love, entertainment, education... it's like CHRISTMAS MORNING
every single day!!! Every evening our daughter tells us that her best
friend is B-E-L-L-A" - she spells out the letters (something she's
working on at school). We groomed Miss Bella for the first time last
week (pictures are pre-grooming) and it went remarkably well. We have
a lot to learn but we have plenty of time to practice (pretty sure
Beggin' For A Brushin' will not be hiring us anytime soon - lol). She
had her 9 week vaccinations today... weighing in at 7lbs 6oz! Dr.
Miller said that we found a good pup, very docile, but social and
loving. He bent over the examining table to interact with Bella Rain
and she immediately curled up in his arms and nuzzled his neck/cheek.
I think he hated to see me take her home... hehe. He also mentioned
that her ears were as clean as a whistle (thanks to R7 cleaner and
cream:-)). We are so happy to say that we found an incredible breeder

  • CLASSY COUNTRY COCKERS!!! We registered her a few weeks ago in the name of NK N CC's Raindrop Whimsy!

Dear Stephanie,

We send our thoughts and best wishes to you, your family and crew this
holiday season. Bella Rain is sugar and spice and MOSTLY everything
nice... lol! She's enjoying the tree skirt and ornaments. It gives
her immense pleasure to grab and run but only if she's being chased.
I love when she comes barreling towards me when she's been called to
be swooped up and cuddled, wet paws and all. Bell Rain whimpers when
she loses sight of me which just melts my big ole' heart! If we leave
her home by herself for any amount of time (which isn't very often),
she wiggles, whines, doesn't leave our side/arms (we have to pry her
off to focus and go potty) and she just can't get enough of us...
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Grooming is getting easier. She doesn't like
having her neck and chin shaved but for the most part she's pretty
easy going. Practice makes perfect and we are so happy that we made
the investment. It's nice knowing your dog so "intimately" and she
doesn't have to spend the day somewhere other than with her family.

I love Miss Sassy and Mr Banks and can't wait to see their new litter
of beauties!

Merry Christmas, Stephanie!
The Weller Family (Nathan, Kari, Anna, Sarah, Lightning and Bella Rain

We took Bella Rain to the lake this week and she had a ball. We hiked
down a dune and Lightning and the girls ran right towards the water.
Lightning dove in without any hesitation as usual but as soon as Bella
saw the waves and heard the roar of the water she bolted back to the
car! She kept her head down and sprinted back; never heeding to our
calls or chase (thankfully it's not busy at the beach this time of
year). After catching up with her, we laughed and laughed because we
never expected such a scared reaction. It was like she took one look
and said "what is that, you guys are crazy, I'm out of here". Soon
after she was right at home in the sand (she never ventured into the
water like Lightning but did get her paws wet).
Happy New Year!

Dear Stephanie,

We absolutely love our little Bells! She is SPOILED ROTTEN; we've
always been accused of that with our kids and pets but it doesn't
bother us one little bit! Last week our daughter had the stomach flu
and Bella Rain did not leave her side. Always laying by Anna's side
with her head on Anna's lap or shoulder or touching her in some way
but not smothering her. It was a beautiful sight. I love that she
has bonded with all of us. Prior to bringing Bella into our home our
oldest had an awful fear of dogs (not our own but everyone else's). I
was afraid to admit that to you thinking you might not let us become
part of the CC family. I researched and researched some more on a
breed and breeder and your name never left the top of the list. I did
not want our girl to grow up afraid of dogs. I just want to say THANK
YOU from the bottom of my heart because she is a different girl
because of Bella. She no longer cries, hides behind our legs and
hyperventilates. I know it's because of Bella Rain's lovely
temperament due to a responsible breeder.

Cheers to you and the upcoming litters! I'll take em all!
The Weller Family

Hi Stephanie,

Can you believe this weather??? I'm cautiously excited about it wondering what's in store for the next few months.

I had an absolutely precious video that I took last week but lost due to a SD card failure in my phone. I lost a lot of heartwarming memories with this crash but it's my fault for not backing it up… hard lesson learned. I was going to try and send you this video that I speak of because I just knew that you would appreciate it as much as I did:-( I'll describe it, though. Bella was spayed last week and came home tendar and drowsy. And just as Bella Rain cared for Anna when she had the flu, Anna in turned cared for Bella by sitting with her, stroking her soft fur, ever gently kissing her muzzle and singing to Bella. The singing was the dearest. I don't know if you've ever heard of the book "I'll Love You Forever" but it's a wonderful book and Anna took the song from the book and rearranged/created some words of her own to apply to her love for Bella… this is what she sang - I'll Love You Forever, I'll Like You for Always, As Long As You're Living My Puppy You'll Be!!!! Bella Rain just melted right into Anna's arms. It's a moment I will not soon forget. I'm upset that I no longer have it recorded but at least it's etched into my memory.

The newest pups look beautiful:-)

Many thanks,

Hi Stephanie,

I noticed on fb that it's your 21st birthday today;-) Cheers to a good one!

Bella Rain is a beauty for sure and a sweetie pie, too. Last night she found a stick and was "proud as a peacock" strutting around the yard with it. Nathan and I laughed so hard watching Bella play "keep away" from the girls. Just as they would close in on her, away Bells would go adding a great deal of frustration to the promising game the girls had hoped for. Lightning plopped down in the middle of the yard and watched while Bella Rain ran around and around and around him with her grand stick. He looked at her like, "for crying out loud, woman, it's just a stick"! The joy kids and pets bring to our lives is priceless.

Belli is also a huge fan of popcorn… actually she's a POPCORN FREAK!!! All it takes is the sound of the metal bowls and she is on a dead sprint from wherever she is into the kitchen. She whimpers, wiggles and cannot contain herself until the popcorn is ready and she gets a hand full. Our mature and oh so gracious Lightning waits patiently for his while Bella performs circus acts around him waiting for hers… too funny! She is definitely a little sister but I'm so glad that Lightning has a "pet friend" to keep him young and on his toes.

We continue to enjoy our Belli Monster!

Have a good one, Stephanie!


Hi Stephanie,

I know you and your family are enjoying this hot, hot summer out on the lake! We are trying to stay cool here on the Great Lakes as well. Bella Rain is AWESOME:-) She's a little love bug for sure; very much the diva of the house. We trimmed her into a summer cut due to our busy summer schedule and I'm sure she's enjoyed it with this heat. My mom (pretty much Bella's second owner) has a hard time letting Bella Rain go after she's watched her for us! Bella always has a paw on one of us and is a lovely addition to our family. Lightning is getting the hang of how to play with a dog Bella's size after a lifetime with another lab... lol! He rolls on the ground and paws at Bella while Bella Rain romps all over him. We all adore Belli and are extremely grateful for doing what you do.

Warmly and many thanks,
Kari and Family


Bella has a new friend!

Greetings Stephanie... family... and crew!!!

Bella Rain turned 1 yr old yesterday - September 19! I am stunned that it's been a year already:-) Bells is as precious to us as the day you emailed us pics when she was 1st born and even more so now that we know her personality. I know I've said it before but I'm so grateful that we found you on-line. Not only do we find Bellers beautiful, she also has a sweet and loving disposition. She's playful, mischievous, and a bit of a diva at times which fits in with our family perfectly. Bella always wants to be near us and is an "eager beaver" when we head to the door knowing she'll get to ride along most everywhere we go:-) A constant companion. She's provided us with many laughs and has helped lick away some tears. She's an absolute delight!

To many more years with

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