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Pups have their colored collars on now. The males are:
Red Collar JETT
Blue Collar BISCUIT
Green Collar TRIPP
Pink Collar BROOKLYN
The males names will change when their families decide who they will be taking

Pups are one week today and we did our photo shoot. As you can see they are all growing really quickly and I have some little eyes peeking through
I did each pup a single shot and a few group shots and a few of the boys too.
My three little boys have three families eager to meet them and see who is taking home who on August 5th when they are up and around.
All is good with this litter, they are enjoying the climate controlled environment as Illinois is very hot and humid these days. Mostly humid, yuck. I do know I would never live south in the summer time.
Enjoy the photos

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