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Max and Murphy's favorite time of day and the only time they are still !! We should have named them Curly and Mo as they still crack us up with their antics. Hope all is well with you and yours.

My best to you,


Hi Stephanie. What good boys they were! So quiet and well behaved.

They are just as you said.Romeo that is now Max is the adventuter. He has covered the whole 1st floor area of the house and Dash now Murphy would sit on your lap and watch the whole time.Very easy to tell apart for me as at this point Murphy is larger and fuller coat.If anyone ever holds back on taking a boy I will be the first to vouch for it. I think I am going to be happier with my choice than I ever imagined.Especially taking the two.

April 15th update: M and M are great. You certainly can be proud of your crew. These little guys are so well behaved and easy to work with. Did great with my 1st grooming. They were wiggly but soon stood quite well. Did ears, head, back and chest.

Hi Stephanie,
I am finally sending update photos of the boys! Max and Murphy are growing so quickly and doing so well with everything. Just like so many of your CC family I am so happy to have found you and these beautiful little guys. They are happy, healthy, and so anxious to please. Thier training is going along well and people can't believe how well behaved they are already.
I have mentioned before, that after having the two girls in our lives for 10yrs. anything other than two wasn't even a consideration and the boy 's have the sturdy conformation I was looking for. If anyone is hesitant about a boy send them my way. They have'nt lifted a leg ever!
I check your website weekly to check on new litters etc. and so love seeing your little beauties. God bless all.
Toni and her Boys!

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