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Taylor came from our Hollywild and Banks breeding. We had a litter of three lovely girls. One as pretty a the next. As a young puppy she was known here as Jewel. I knew from the moment she was born she was going to be spectacular. I had my 'thumb' on her as I do quite often with pups here and there. The hardest part of what I do is knowing I can't keep all the pups I would really like to. When I received a call from her soon to be new family I couldn't resist letting her go. I knew they appreciated her beauty and breeding as much as I did. So I invite you to see how my little Jewel has grown into the Beautiful "Taylor" she is now known as.

Hi Stephanie,
I thought I would share some pictures with you. Taylor is growing and showing great strides in all areas. Our trip to see Tim's Dad and his wife was a wonderful experience. Taylor was a wonderful travel companion. She sat on or between our to younger children the whole trip. She slept or enjoyed the ride it seemed the entire 11 or more hour trip. During our stop to eat she did fine in a crate and ate and went potty just fine. We were amazed! She also enjoyed the company of the two adult dogs my in-laws have. They are a Golden Doodle and a Cockapoo. They were quite a bit larger than her, but you would never have know by the way she played with them. The Golden Doodle seemed to take over by protecting and Mothering her. It was so cute to see them play and sleep side by side. She was a bright ray of sunshine with his health issues my Father in-law is having at this time!
Taylor was also the hit at my brothers house on Easter. She had the run of their yard and loved being around all the people. There were about 20 people with many of them being Children and she did wonderfully.
She has had her first grooming and did very well.
I always enjoy checking in on your site to see how the new puppies are growing and waiting to see when new little ones arrive.
p.s. our pictures are nothing like yours, but you can see she is doing great and a wonderful new member of our family.

Taylor had a trip to Chicago (which she loved) and also spent a week in
Naperville with our Daughter this fall when we were out of town. She just
spent a few days with my cousin and her Family when our family was out of
town after Christmas. Wherever she is everyone loves her and she adapts

Some pictures are attached. I hope for some better better ones in the future
but it is so hard to get a good one as she's always on the move! She is very
affectionate and loves to play. When she is not playing she loves to find
someone's lap to lie on. It is hard to get up if she's on your lap - she's
so warm and looks so comfortable! .

I still enjoy keeping track of all the puppies and other cockers on your
site. We feel truly blessed to have found such a wonderful person who gave
us Taylor - Thank You! Taylor is such a bright light in our Family!

Happy New Year Stephanie,

I always enjoy checking in on your site. Your Family portrait is just
beautiful. You are blessed with a lovely Family.

Thought I would fill you in on how Taylor is doing. She still is a bright
light in our Family. She sleeps most nights with one of us, depending on who
is home from college. Taylor knows who feeds her though. She is up bright
and early to get Tim's attention to feed and let her out. That must be
enough activity for awhile because she is right back to bed with me until I
get up. She is never far behind and always keeps track of what is going on
in the house. She is not fond of people leaving. She will cry at times, look
out the window and sit by the door until someone gets her mind off the
person whom has left. She is our little snuggler still and loves to keep
anyone warm who is willing to sit with her. She still loves her balls. If
everyone is busy she will find a ball take it up on the couch and drop it so
she can run after it. Her tricks for treats are sitting, a kiss, down,
shake, high five. She is so good with any little one who may visit our
house, little 1 yr. old daughter of a friend, my little great nephew who is
4 months, my niece and nephew who are 8 and 5. Taylor thinks little ones are
the best tasting thing in the whole world to lick! I have attached some
pictures to update you. She has loved all the company that visited the
entire Thanksgiving and Christmas Season.

Taylor is one of your many gems!

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