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Hi Stephanie & Crew,
We just wanted to give you an update on Nemo - it's been quite a while since our last update and a lot has happened since then! Among graduating from puppy training and getting neutered, Nemo's biggest change has been leaving the Great Plains and moving out to the Wild West - San Francisco! Yes, this country cocker has become quite the city boy. I worried how he would adjust to city life and not having his own backyard to run around in, but he has thankfully transitioned so well. We are so fortunate that our new home is a city of dog lovers and their dogs... and of many cockers surprisingly. One of Nemo's new friends is a red cocker right in our own building! Nemo gets to meet new dogs and people everyday during our walks, and everyone is always so thrilled by his sweet, friendly, and enthusiastic nature. We still get many compliments of how handsome he is - especially his fluffy blonde fur. And best of all, while I'm at work Nemo goes on regular "adventure outings" with a group of other dogs where he is able to play and run freely in parks and pet trails. It almost feels like Nemo has a bigger social life than I do at times! And he is so smart and funny. He is able to identify and fetch each of his different toys by name. And if for a moment he thinks he doesn't have your attention, he will find a way to get it! I catch him numerous times dropping toys on my laptop keyboard while I'm using it, or laying at my feet with toys if I'm cooking or getting dressed. He's such a character. I can't imagine what my life would be like now without him.
We hope that you, crew, and family are doing well and having a great 2010. It's always nice to drop by your site and see all of the beautiful new puppies and also see how other CCC's are growing up so fast. Take care!
Maya & Nemo

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