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Christmas 2012 Update:

Hi Stephanie,

Hope you have been enjoying the holiday season. I cannot believe Penny Lane just celebrated her 2nd birthday! She is doing great and is a wonderful companion! I've attached some recent photos of her- enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family, and of course, the crew! Thanks again for bringing Penny into my life. We are blessed to have her in our family!

Rachel & Tim


Dear Stephanie,

Hope this message finds you enjoying the summer and relaxing with family, friends, and pups! It has been awhile since I have updated you on Penny Lane, so I thought I would send along a few photos. We were able to enjoy the beautiful weather at the park today. Penny is the best companion and has really matured into a beautiful and loving dog. How is Faith and the crew doing? We still enjoy checking in on the other furry friends on your site...we love the new format. Well, hope you love the updated pics! Enjoy the rest of the summer and we will continue to stay in touch.


Rachel, Tim, and Penny

Hi Stephanie,

Just wanted to send you some pictures and a quick note to let you know little Penny lane is settled in to her new home! She was very well behaved on the car ride home. She loves all of her toys, her crate, and has been eating well. She has only been waking up in the middle of the night to potty. She loves her cozy little den! She is doing well learning how to go outside, and has been using the potty pad in her playpen. She doesn't like the cold, and has caught on to the fact that once she goes potty, she comes inside and is praised! Thank you again for such a sweet pup. We love our newest family member, and thank you for everything.
Rachel and Tim

Hi Stephanie,
Hope all is well at CC's! The new litter is stunning. I love checking the site and keeping up with all of the new puppy pictures! Just wanted to send you an update on Penny Lane. We are so happy to have her, she brings so much joy to our lives. She is really developing such a sweet personality! She is very smart, and has gotten really good at playing fetch. She loves fetching her toy, and bringing it back to my lap to be petted and spoiled! Sometimes she has to think for a few seconds when I throw the ball again, if it is worth leaving my cozy lap. She has also learned the word "treat." She politely sits for her treat, and instead of wolfing it down right away, she likes to pounce at it, take it in her mouth, spit it out and jump around playing with it first, before enjoying it. It is a funny sight! She has had her first vet visit, and a couple baths at home already too. Her gorgeous red color is really starting to deepen. Soon we are starting her in a puppy kindergarten to get used to the leash and socialize with other puppies. It should help her burn off some of the energy she has! We can't thank you enough for all of your hard work and for bringing Penny into our lives. She is such a love bug. We are looking forward to spring weather and enjoying the outdoors with Penny!
Thanks again,

Hi Stephanie,
Just wanted to send you an update on Penny Lane. She is really growing up! She is already almost 8 pounds- twice the size she was when we first brought her home. She is doing so well! She knows "sit" and is really doing well with potty outside. She is also a pro at fetch! With the weather warming up, we have had fun taking her for walks around our neighborhood and letting her play at the park across the street. She is such a sweet and lovable pup and loves everyone. She is a complete ham, especially at the vet, and everyone there is always excited to see her. She is starting puppy kindergarten next week too, so it will be fun to socialize her with other puppies. I'm enjoying all your updates as usual! Take care, and enjoy the warm weather!


Wow time has flown! Just wanted to send you an update on our girl, Penny Lane. She is truly a joy in our lives. I cannot believe it has been close to a year since we first brought her home! She has matured into a beautiful young lady, right around 18-19 pounds. I'm not sure if she will get much bigger. She is always happy, and loves everyone she meets, especially kids. She is still spoiled as can be, with more toys that she knows what to do with most of the time. Her favorite toys are her tennis balls. She loves to carry one around, while "playing soccer" with another one. She loves going for walks in the neighborhood, and has gotten to make some doggie friends nearby! She has become one of the favorites at the vet/groomer, too! Everyone admires her lovable demeanor and beautiful features. When she isn't playing catch or tugs, she loves to just cuddle up on my lap on the couch. She is a great companion, and is a perfect match for our family. Thank you so much again, for bringing Penny into our lives and for having such a great breeding program. I've attached some pictures from late summer through the holidays. I will send more updates soon.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Rachel & Tim Ochoa
Pennlyane Update 1-13-2012

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