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Thank you for taking my advice and giving Nelson NuVet

10-14-14 Update *BIG NEWS*


Great news here, Nelson is your newest Therapy Dog here in Colorado, thanks to you & your fabulous breeding program for temperament & of course beauty!!!! Thank you Banks & Willow for being such wonderful parents!!!!

I was so proud of my little blonde boy & any mistakes he made at our evaluation were because of operator error on my part not communicating properly, but we did pass with flying colors!! It was a forty five minute evaluation with just us & two evaluators & I was nervous, but he had impeccable manners doing everything I asked of him & afterwards everyone asked me where I had gotten such a sweet, wonderful dog. I was busting my buttons & bragged about my find of a lifetime at CC.

It was not an easy process by any means as we had to take classes on Sunday afternoons & I had to take an online handlers class which I spent many hours completing & then had to take a test at the end. We then had to go to a new hospital to be evaluated ......of course I cried when they announced that we had passed!!!! Now I'm in the process of all the forms to be filled out & filing with Pet Partners. So much involved, but I'm sure it will be well worth it. My Mother passed away last spring & I know she would be very proud of us & we are going to visit senior facilities in her memory. I'm so grateful that she was with me when Kaitlyn & I picked up Nelson as I am a dog fanatic because of her & proud of it!!! I have also passed this gene on to both my girls.

We continue our Tuesday night bonding night, Rally & Obedience class, where they are encouraging me to have Nelson compete. He is so great at both of these as he is so willing to please & I think he enjoys it as much as I do, so maybe one of these days we will try it, another patch on his Therapy Dog vest!!

Wishing you a happy fall & again my thanks for my fabulous boy!!!

Warm regards,
Mary & Nelson

Hi Stephanie,
What a beautiful new litter!!! Lots of boys too!!!
Anyway, Nelson & I just finished class #2 yesterday & on to our 1 on 1 evaluation at a hospital. It will be 40 minutes long with all that we have learned & hopefully all goes well & he will be wearing his little vest soon!! Keep your fingers crossed on October 5th.
As you know, I love my blonde boy!!!!

Nelson & Mary

Fall Greetings,

Good news Stephanie, Nelson & I passed the first therapy dog class. The next one is September 21st then
we go to a hospital for our on the job evaluation by Pet Partners.. The next decision we have to make is whether he would look better in a brown or yellow vest!!!

More info to follow soon. Keep your fingers crossed!!! Love my sweet, blonde boy.

Mary & Nelson


Fall Greetings Stephanie, 9-1-14

Life seems to just fly by & Nelson's world expands every day & it is such fun enjoying life with him. He continually makes me laugh with his reaction to each new experience. The latest was his first snow here in Colorado & he had such fun playing in it after the initial shock. Just recently he has also figured out what little boy dogs are supposed to do on bushes while on a walk, which is quite entertaining. He now weighs 21 pounds & my vet consistently comments on what a beautiful boy he is....the prettiest cocker she has had in her 20 years in practice & I totally agree.

We started puppy obedience & have finished the first level & on to novice. This was our third week & he is doing so well. We had to do individual commands from our trainer at our first level for graduation & he was the youngest puppy, the smartest & of course the cutest!! We finished second & I was so proud of my little prince charming. He is such a great dog & has a wonderful personality. I am so lucky to have him in my life & I thank my lucky stars each & every day. If all goes well & my long term goals are met, he will be a fantastic therapy dog so we can visit together hospitals, nursing homes etc. & even travel to Illinois to visit Mother. Needless to say we spend many hours together & he is such a fantastic companion. I am his favorite which pleases me to no end & my girls call him a Momma's boy!

I still check your web site out of habit & was happy to see Lola & Macy among the crew since I was lucky enough to meet them in May. Good luck to Banks & Willow with the new additions, I remember so well waiting for my big email from you last spring. Your new families are in for such a wonderful addition to their loving homes.

Hope your family is well. I will also send more pics in another email from my daughter, Kaitlyn. I am traveling to Moline next week to visit Mother so I will be thinking of you & the new pups & will check regularly on your web sight for the announcement.


June 24 Update

Hi Stephanie,

Hope this email finds you & the crew well this summer as we are in Colorado. Everyday is something new & exciting in Nelson's life & it is such fun to se him grow & change daily. He is such a happy, friendly puppy & has adjusted so quickly to our family. What a joy he has brought to all our lives & such a charmer where ever he goes, I can't help but smile each & every time I look at him. The potty training is going very well when it's the two of us all day long with no accidents. He has also been sleeping all night in his kennel for about two weeks now, just the perfect little guy & so worth waiting for!!

Last week was a very busy week going for a check up at the vet & Nelson has gained two pounds, he won't be my little buddy for much longer. Everyone at my vet's office was so impressed that he could sit on command & next will be shake, he is so smart!! He also went to Fort Collins to move my college daughter, Megan, home. He was quite the entertainment for the college kids for the day, but was one pooped pup all the way home. Megan brought her English Pointer, Beau, along with her & she is now Nelson's best friend. The two go everywhere together & she is very patient with Nelson & let's him crawl all over her. This is much different than the cool reception he received from Willy, our other Cocker. He just ignores Nelson's puppy antics & escapes to the sofa. I think he would like to return Nelson to you via the next FedEx truck heading your way. I did catch the two of them napping together on my kitchen rug the other day so things are improving.

Today was 102 so much to Nelson's disappointment we had to spend much of the day inside. To entertain himself he decided it would be so much fun to dig with his front paws in his water bowl as he was drinking. Needless to say he made an awful mess, but I couldn't help laughing at his shenanigans as I was cleaning my kitchen floor. What a ham he is!!!

I know this email is long over due, I will try to do better to keep you in Nelson's loop.




Hi Stepanie,

Hope you are well. We have been busy here with all the spring chores & believe me I have plenty of help no matter what I am doing as I have a shadow. For the past two days I have been planting pots so I have one dirty, little, sleepy puppy & he has loved every moment especially watering time with the wand. He loves water!!

Nelson is thriving & never missed a beat moving right into our home. He is very comfortable with us & every day is a new learning experience & always a challenge for me to keep one step ahead of him. I'd forgotten how busy puppies really are, but I'm enjoying every moment, he is such a love bug & has a great personality. He is the star of the neighborhood & every child who comes to visit now wants a cocker spaniel. Thursday was his meet & greet at the vet & he was his charming little self putting on quite a show. My vet was very impressed with my little guy & he had gained 1/2 a pound so as you can tell is a very good eater.

We are doing quite well with the sleeping & for the past two nights he has slept in until 6am not even getting me up during the night which is greatly appreciated. Potty training is also going well unless the sprinklers have been on & then he would like to come in to poop so he doesn't have to get his feet wet while he potties which is quite different than play time. Nelson would like to spend most of his waking moments outside in the backyard, but I am not comfortable leaving him alone, so I don't get much done inside unless he is sleeping!! Oh well this shall pass & he will become a big boy & can guard the yard, he has found his voice. As you can tell we are all charmed by this sweet little guy & don't know what we did without him but he sure was worth my long wait. He is very smart but I am prejudice!!

My daughter Kaitlyn is in Atlanta on business trip so I will send you pictures upon her return. He is very photogenic as you will see.

Thanks so much for spending so much time with us last week & being so kind to Mother. She had such a wonderful day thanks to you & could see for herself why I had to have one of your puppies.

I will be in touch.


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