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Thank you for taking my advice and giving Mattie NuVet

Little Miss Mattie has been much anticipated by her new friend Pat. This lady drove 8 1/2 hours one way all by herself in Mid December for her new little girl.

Mattie was instantly taken with Pat and by the time they got on their way for their Road Trip they were best of friends.

Pat has been busy getting everything perfect for the arrival of her new best friend and companion.

I know both will be having a Merry Christmas. I am hoping for some pictures of this beautiful puppy and her loving owner.


This little thing really goes all out when I get a paper towel to clean up a little punkin mess on the vinyl floor.
I always take her out after eating/drinking/ freed from cage while workers in her vinyl domain!

I have to pick her up to hold off her tackling the paper. Well, its never boring and very entertaining. Just walked in bath to put away towels and I heard the toilet paper roll zinging.

In less than 30 sec she unwind roll, (2 ft) tore up little pieces. Well, so much for teaching her to step over threshold today.

She used her skills to climb up on heat register. (Enclosed) and get to paper. Last nite attempting to jump up on bathtub edge (was empty)

Did I leave that laid back mellow Mattie out west????? We were just outback running around to blow off steam B4 this streak!! She is so.....
Cute. Say Mattie come and she runs and bounces!

Her pink dog with floppy ears, and low and behold, a washcloth tied in a knot, get the stuffens shook out of them each day. Usually right after she attempts to hang on to my pant leg and told not to.

Love her dearly, wouldn't trade her for nothing in the world! She is pullin stunts my other dogs didn't. GIRL issue????

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