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Kreg and I were lucky enough to be able to travel to Aruba 2-1-2-8 this winter. We were guest another year with the AgriGold Seed Company. We are very thankful for these opportunities and enjoy our yearly trips to the fullest.

This year we were extra thankful as the Blizzard of 2015 hit on 2-1-15, the day we were to fly out. I have to say that we were destined to make our trip and our Pilot was top notch. He got us out with 2 de icings, wind howling, snow blowing..... I looked at my husband and said "is this even safe?" LOL

Aruba has been on my bucket list for several years and I must say that is spectacular if you like the beach. Beautiful beaches, warm waters about out 81 degrees and sunshine everyday. It's a bit breezy on Aruba but I'm pretty sure that the trade winds keep the weather so nice. It was a bad hair day everyday in Aruba but sooooo worth it.

Our days were spent on the beach, walking the beach and eating dinner by the beach. Yep, we love the beach, sunshine and warm temps. So we give Aruba 5 stars.

We stayed at the Radisson Resort and Casino on Palm beach and would stay there again. Sure there are always a few things that could be changed but you have to remember your not in the states. Beautiful resort, beautiful climate.

I enjoyed the kite surfers most on our trip. What a site to see. Kreg snorkeled, I took pictures LOL and our walks in each direction on the beach daily if not more were just amazing.

It's an effort for both of us to get away with the farm and my crew and pups but it's worth the effort.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I enjoy taking and sharing them.


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