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Prior to pick up your vet appt. should be scheduled from within 3 days of date to pick up. This is important to all involved so that all parties are in agreement that your new puppy is in fine and good health. If you want the health guarantee to stay in effect. Honestly, some people just wait until pup is 9 weeks old. That is when the second shot is due.

It is recommended by Classy Cockers that at this appt. no shots will be necessary. This is only an overall good health check up. Please take the “Shot Schedule” given to you by Classy Cockers. At this time you will discuss shots needed for your area. It is recommended that your new puppy only get the required shots stated as they can be very hard on puppies and sometime adverse affects can happen resulting in death. While not common it does happen.

You will also at this time discuss the best time to start your new puppy on “Heartguard” medication. It is recommended that you start the puppy at an appropriate weight and time of the year when it is actually in need. Again, over medicating can cause serious side effects and even death.

Below is the schedule and vaccines that I use.
6 Weeks Wormed with Nemex
6 Weeks DuramuneMax CVK
9 Weeks DuramuneMax CVK
9 Weeks Bordetella
12 Weeks Duramune Max5 CVK-4L
15 Weeks Duramune Max5 CVK-4L
15 Weeks Rabies Vaccine

HeartGuard Medication can be started as discussed with your vet if the season applies to the above said

Coccidiosis or Giardia:

Two Pesky little parasites!

I do all I can do for my pups to insure they do not test positive for either of these.
My pups living conditions clean, dry, warm and an overall environment any family would be proud to say their puppy came from.
Litters of anything or groups of any type of animal put these type of stomach bugs in the forefront.

As a standard precautionary measure here at CCs I do a couple of treatments while I have pups.

At one week of age and every week until the pup departs I give each puppy a dose of
Ponazuril 1 cc per 2lbs it has been thought to help with both Giardia and Coccidia in puppies.

I also administer Albon prior to departure. This helps the stools firm and again wards off the Giardia or Coccidia.

If for whatever reason a puppy test positive for either of these with your vet. I tell myself, I have done all I can to insure they don't.

We do have dug well here in the country and if there are traces of these parasites in our own water I can't do much about it. I do know my family and grandchildren are healthy and safe.

Sometimes those in the medical field like to prescribe medication that may or may not be necessary.

Over the years I have learned alot and the most important thing is " just let things go" "know that I've done my best" and most importantly, " I have beautiful sound healthy pups."

Puppy Dander: Some puppies have this others don't. It is the million dollar question? Puppy dander is more easily seen on the black pups of course and is in no way what so ever any concern. This is just one of those puppy things that they outgrow. This is not a sign your puppy is going to have any skin issues. As they get a few weeks on them this will disappear. What I do recommend and what I do is try to brush them often to get the oils in the skin going. I recommend at bath time a nourishing shampoo and a good conditioner or even a hot oil treatment. I use a leave in conditioner and apply it every other day or so. As I said, this is not a problem just liken it to a baby and cradle cap.

The Scoop on Poop! Puppies that have been weaned from mother’s milk to puppy chow will have an adjustment period. This is the time that the puppy stools are not as firm as they will be when given some time. This is normal and should not be a concern. By 8-10 weeks stools will be firmed up. The environment change is also something that may loosen a puppy’s stool. So please just give them time to settle in and all will be fine.

While we’re on the subject…. Puppies will urinate all the time. You think to yourself, that puppy just peed 15 minutes ago. Well, get used to it. I swear young puppies will tinkle about every 15-30 minutes. With every day and every week the time between increases. So yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Potty pads are great, they catch on to these very quickly and will use them. Do not think your puppy has a urinary infection. Although I’m sure your vet would be happy for the visit and prescribe on antibiotic for you.

It would be a very rare case that a young puppy has a urinary tract infection. It’s is however a known fact that a puppy bladder is very tiny and can’t hold much urine. So please just take things in stride with new puppies. They are babies and will need time to grow and mature.

It is very common to get a puppy with a slow to close umbilical cord or hernia.

In the event that your puppy has a slow to close umbilical cord or Hernia, this is not a serious health problem and should not be treated as such. These are very common in litters of pups. This in no way affects your puppies health, growth or development. You may discuss fixing this at the time of spaying or neutering your puppy. Most hernias can be left alone. Given time and growth of puppy they will diminish or become so small they are not noticed.

It is recommended that no Classy Country Cocker puppy be given any type of topical flea treatment at a young age with a weight below the dosage permits. I understand that some areas of the country do fight fleas and these topical treatments are very effective. It is very important if you do use these chemicals that are absorbed into your puppies system be properly dosed for “weight”. Over dosing of topical flea treatments can and will cause seizures and neurological problems in puppies and dogs resulting in death. If you do want to use a flea treatment we recommend Frontline Plus.

It is recommended that no yard chemical be applied to your yard for at least the first year of your new puppy. Lawn chemicals can and will be absorbed into a puppies system upon walking on the treated area. I don’t care what the company says, it does and will happen, again resulting in seizures and neurological problems that can and will result in the death of your new puppy.

Proper Nutrition of your new puppy: Here at CC’s we feed top of the line dog food. I do all I can to keep my Adults and puppies in the best possible health. I feed Nutri Source brand dog food Small and medium breed puppy formula, chicken and rice in the purple bag. A puppy that is 8 weeks old will get 1 to 1 1/3 cups daily of this. It is important to read the label for appropriate serving size. The better the dog food the less you feed. You must understand this. Good dog foods are not filled with filler and waste.

Nutri Source Puppy Formula Chicken and Rice

CC puppies are started on and is recommended to continue on the NuVet Powder supplement. You can order this on line through my website or the number give along with the code for purchase. Again, I try to do all I can to insure a sound healthy puppy for years to come but you have to understand you need to do your part as well.

NuVet Vitamins 1-800 474-7044 Website Code 86305

Ear Maintenance: I use R7 brand ear cleaner and R7 brand Ear Drying Crème. I love both products done on a weekly schedule. I purchase most of my grooming supplies through Pet Edge Catalogue

Cocker Spaniels and Cherry Eye: unfortunately cocker spaniels along with several other select breeds are prone to Cherry Eye. It actually looks worse than it is, but also needs to be addressed promptly so that the cornea of your dogs does not get irritated or scratched. While Cherry Eye is a cocker issue, it is one that here at CC’s is not too common. I have about 1 in 30 pups or 1 in every 8 litters that will have a cherry eye. I wish along with vets and other breeders that we could tell what puppy would break with this. But we cannot. We are not even able to trace the hereditary causes to stop it from cropping up. It is just an issue that sometimes will occur. In the event that your puppy or young adult, (it usually will occur within the first year...) does come up with Cherry Eye, don’t panic, but do call your vet to make an appt to have it fixed. Do not waste your money on the topical treatments as they don’t work and the eye procedure will be needed anyway. Find out if your Dr. has experience with the tucking and what his success rate is.

Tucking is a bit more expensive, but is the best avenue. You may also want to do some price checking.

Some vets will charge considerably more than others to fix this.

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