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Kudos to Lisa who traveled with Jacob her five year old little boy six hours in the car to come Fetch McGee.... Whew..... I'm pretty sure he was worth the trip.

Hi stephanie,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything! I really appreciated your time yesterday since I didn't know for sure when we would get there. McGee did fabulous all the way to Kansas and is fitting right in. He visited our new vet this morning who was also great-and he basically just got looked over and they put us on a schedule to come back (no vaccines or flea/heartworm stuff yet and they did not recommend this young). Everyone in the vets office was in LOVE! And so are we!

Hi Stephanie,

I just wanted to reach out and express our greatest thanks for the true gift you have in raising cocker spaniels. You have been a wonderful person to work with and all the little extras you put into your work really pay off for the families who are making a friend for life!

Jacob and I made the long trip back to Kansas on Friday night and got home around 11:30pm that night. It was a whirlwind day but McGee was a trooper the entire way home! Of course when we got home, we couldn’t go right to bed – not with our newest family member just arriving! So we had a late night and played with him and got him used to his surroundings a bit before settling in the rest of the night.

We took him to our new vet on Saturday morning and they were in love with him there – everyone kept coming out to meet McGee. They just couldn’t believe how adorable he was – and that you had taken the extra time to give him a cocker cut already! They said that was so unusual and showed how much pride you have in your puppies! (of course we already knew that J). They sent us home without doing much of anything – just looked him over and said he was perfect – and we are rescheduled for his next vaccines on the 17th of September.

The rest of the weekend we have been playing hard and McGee acts like he has always been a part of the crew around here. He plays hard and then sleeps equally hard. I have a couple of pictures attached for you already. The one that makes me laugh the hardest is the one I took yesterday – he has been running around most of the time but I was trying to get some unpacking done and the kids rooms back together. There were a lot of little pieces of things that he was trying to chew on so I put him in his kennel while I finished up the small things. When I returned to get him out (about 20 minutes later) he was laying flat on his back with his head all the way back and his paws down at his side – I have never seen a dog do that before so I got a very good chuckle (after I made sure he was still breathing). After I took the picture he woke up right away and was back at it again J

We also have been almost entirely accident free this entire weekend – the couple of accidents we had were because we were trying to find a leash and didn’t get him out the door on time. Otherwise, he has been very good at getting outside and using the potty.

The kids are loving every minute of having him around – and so am I! My son is the newest expert on how to hold the puppy and how we should play with him. He has been instructing his sister nonstop. And McGee has become his new best friend. Jacob has settled down around him now and is not jumping all over the place – he has been sitting still and McGee now runs over and jumps in his lap and in his arms to be held and loved on – which is so fun to see! Jacob has a lot of pride about walking him on his leash and taking care of his every need. I am sure McGee won’t be spoiled at all (wink, wink)

So – I just wanted to say THANK YOU! It was a huge whole for us when we lost our older cocker earlier this year and I wasn’t sure if getting another dog was right for us for awhile, but am so glad we did. There is nothing like a cocker spaniel to warm a person’s heart – and make the days happy! If you ever need to give out a name for a reference, please feel free to use us – we can’t say enough about you or our newest addition! I have attached a couple of pictures and we will send updates as the years go by!

Art, Lisa, Jacob, Berkley – and of course McGee

Hi Stephanie,

Just wanted to give you a few updates on McGee. I have been so busy lately that it’s been hard to catch up!

McGee is adjusting nicely with our family and he is a whirlwind of activity! I have forgotten how active a puppy can be – he is getting quite the workout with my two kids who adore him to pieces daily! In fact, he cannot wait for me to wake them up every morning and is usually the first one at their door each morning scratching at it to get in. He loves to jump on each of their beds and wake them up – and they both seem to love it too!

McGee finds himself in as much trouble as my two kids do – always finding something to get into! Dryer sheets seem to be a particular favorite of his – and even though I think I have them all accounted for somehow he finds more! He also loves to chase the kids and they chase him and pester each other J I am constantly referring all three of them with the squabbling. Either the kids have his stuff or he has taken theirs – and round and round it goes! I wouldn’t have it any other way because it is fabulous chaos and has brought a lot of laughter over the past several months!

He is right on track with all of his vaccinations and was up to 12.5 pounds the last time he was at the vet’s office. They adore him there and everyone always asks us where we got such a beautiful cocker spaniel (so of course we tell them!). The office also has a wonderful groomer on staff and a great program that we pay a monthly fee for and we can bring McGee in every two weeks for alternating grooming/bathing appointments. So he is always looking very dapper – and gets a seasonal bandana at each visit.

We all love him to pieces and cannot imagine life without him now, so thank you for doing what you do. I know it’s probably more work than any of us can imagine, but there is nothing quite like the love of a great dog!

I am not a very good photographer, so trying to catch him with the camera has been quite the chore. He is either running around or sleeping – there isn’t much downtime with him. And since the sleeping pictures tend to all look the same they can get kind of boring after awhile! I have included a picture I got of the kids and him last night – unbelievable that they all sat still long enough to get ONE picture of them together! I think it will end up as our Christmas card picture this year!

Happy Holidays!
Art, Lisa, Jacob, Berkley, and McGee

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