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3-16-12 She is adorable, Milly & Ivey

Hi Stephanie!

Milly is doing wonderfully!
We adore her!
She has a vaccination on Saturday and next week I start puppy classes with her at a local place near my home, scout is going as well.
She is sleeping through the night perfectly, she messed in her crate once but it was my fault.
Thank you for a wonderful puppy, kids are obsessed with her.


Hello Stephanie,

Here are a couple of pics of Milly over the weekend...I need to get some of her playing by herself in the yard..i will do that soon. She is getting big.

we started puppy class today, i think i am going to learn a lot in this class. She is doing really well, sleeps beautifully through the night, plays well with Henry and the kids.
Happy Birthday Milly!July 2013 Update

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