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What a great day! Paul and Tracy came to "Fetch" Miss Bella. Flying out first class all the way from San Diego to the little town of Altona for their CC Cocker #2. We had such a nice visit while they were in town. These guys have their own west coast crew, Gracie the oldest, then Chance who is best buds with CC Cocker Harley and now Miss Bella. I have a feeling when it all shakes out she will be running the show.

Tracy likes to take pictures like me so I am sure we will have lots of updates on the entire crew.

I am so fortunate to have met my California friends they bringa smile to my face quite often.

This stunning buff boy from our now retired Dazi and Hunter is brother to Mac and Riley a little black female I am keeping. Such a handsome litter this is.
Harley is going to be a California boy and yes.... Paul is making the trip all the way to CC's & Illinois to "Fetch" him where wife Tracy will be eagerly awaiting them.

Harley is a pure delight, not only is he handsome but smart too. I can’t thank you enough. And its official, Harley`s middle name is Snapper, so he has tons of chew toys. We are all doing great!

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