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We had a beautiful day for puppy visits. Not everyone could come but that's ok they are well informed on this litter.
I had my #1 pick and #2 pick for buff boys visit. What a day, Tedi and Jim selected our red collar boy called Jett who is now Mickee! Also today was Tedi's birthday and there was a lot of emotion on their visit today. My heart just bursts at times. Little Mickee is going to make a fabulous companion for this couple
Erin and Brad selected Biscuit today. He will be going home to torment his soon to be big brother back in Iowa. Erin thought is outgoing personality would fit in just perfect in their home
I look forward to sharing departure day with everyone. Another great group of CC family members.

Departure day was fun filled and went well. I had families come in from SD, WI, IA and IL we started at 8 am for a morning of smiles and photo shoots.
Lucy came to meet her new baby sister Brooklyn Sophia and Katy came dressed to make a striking pair with her Sherman! Katy brought two more of her Cocker Scarf Creations so now "my three dollies" each have one when they come to grandmas house.
Kari and daughter Rachel made the trip for their Oliver and I said that Rachel should just stay here so I can take her photos with my pups. To be 17 again. LOL
Mickee has made Jim and Tedi for happy, they have been waiting patiently for their CC puppy and are looking forward to having a puppy again.
Biscuit left for Iowa where he will be a Hawkeye Fan (oh my) I call him Mr. Personality and he will fit in good with Brad and Erin. Brad is a tall guy!! I guess it's good he's with the Hawkeye Basketball team staff.
Always a pleasure to work with my select families and look forward to sharing up dates in my Furry Friends Gallery

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