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We are having a wonderful time with Dipsy and Iker -- they are absolute angels and are so well behaved. We took them to a family event and they were the stars there, got so much attention (especially Dipsy who slept in the car on the way, while Iker slept through most of the party).

Attached are a few pictures from this afternoon...


Hi Stephanie,

Feels like a while since I last wrote... puppies are doing great and are getting big, especially Iker!!! Dipsy is a very curious, active little girl... while Iker likes to eat and sleep, when he can find a hideout from Dipsy, who constantly wants to play with him.

I saw the new litter -- beautiful puppies!!! Can't wait to see updates and the upcoming litters...

Attached are a couple of pictures... Dipsy moves around so fast, I am having a very hard time getting a good shot of her... while Iker would sit all day posing for the camera.

Hope all is well and you and the crew are stay cool inside. Take care!


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