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Hi Stephanie,

It has been a long time since photos. We had a really rough health year. One of Kenny's artificial knees became infected. One year and six surgeries later and I finally think that we are on the road to recovery.
These boys have gotten so cute. They are so good and so loving. I'm not sure how Kenny or I might have made it through all of this without them. They are always a wonderful diversion and continuously make us laugh. They want to be with one of us all the time. They play and fight and are always inseparable. I could never have imagined how having siblings could be so fun. We've always had two dogs, but never siblings. It is a behavior study to watch them interact all day. If you ever need an advocate for not just having two, but two boys, don't hesitate to use me. It is the best.
Hope you all have had a good summer. I always enjoy your website.
My best to you,

P.S. Two new chairs and they still share the same one.

Hi Stephanie, cogratulations on the new litter....
Little boys make great pets. This from owners of only females.
They are darling and coming along so well. They are loving cuddling with their daddy. And the other night he won out 2-0. They just curl up on top of you wherever you are. Sleeping all through the night and settling right in to a routine. It has been very relaxed around our house, no tension. Two makes a huge difference. They entertain each other constantly. I put leashes on them yesterday and let them practice dragging each other around all day. So, when I went to take them out with the leashes for the first time, it went pretty smoothly. I was even out cleaning the patio for an hour yesterday and they played together inside the entire time.
Sorry for the long update. Just wanted to second your “boy” motion. (Plus, two is much easier than one)
Have a good day.

Hi Stephanie.
The guys are growing like weeds. Jasper around 11.5 and Taz 10lbs. Jasper is our tubby bear and Taz is tiny. They are completely different builds.
As far as personality, that is completely different too. Taz curious, a little more aggressive and the best little thief. Jasper watches, thinks and then makes his decision and could be a full time couch potato.
The fence is the best decision ever. They love their freedom. We are working on everything. They are becoming good car riders and pretty good walkers. We are working on grooming and their coats are so easy to maintain.
They are sweet and light up our lives. Everyone that meets them goes crazy over them.
So glad spring is here,

Dear Aunt Stephanie,
Mom and dad took new pictures. Finally a clear afternoon. We hear "wet dogs" alot.
We learned to play fetch all on our own and never bring the frisbee back alone. We don't like to be separated and don't ever like to be out of each others' sight.
Mom and dad laugh at us all the time and say that it is good to laugh again. Lots of smiles in our house.
Only one of us can jump up on things now (Taz, red) and one of us prefers to wait for a ride (Jasper, blue)
We love our huge yard and play for hours on end.
Wish you could see us grow. Mom says we're "beautiful baby boys".
Send a kiss to Dazi and Banks from us. They would be proud.

Taz and Jasper

Hi Stephanie.
We had a challenging summer with personal health issues and our boys are what helped us smile and keep things in perspective.
They have grown so much and are now toddlers in adult bodies. They are inseparable, exactly alike, yet completely different. Our world certainly does revolve around them. They are sweet boys.
I thought I would update you with a few pics that Kenny took on Thursday. He came out and found them in the chair. Jasper is in the back, or on top, whichever picture you are looking at. (Had hoped to replace those chairs soon. Not sure now.)
Do you have any pictures of their brother Raji? We have always been curious if he looked like either one of these guys.
Thanks again for what you do.

Hi Stephanie,
I hope you are getting a few relaxing moments with no little ones at this time.
Our house if full of life and lots of laughs. These boys are really something to be thankful for. They bring so much joy to our lives.
They got new coats this weekend in preparation for weather to come. There was a Pet Expo here, so they got lots of new items.
Taz is in red and Jasper in blue.
I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Jeni Davis

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