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Mitzi X Ruger Litter getting ready to go, Minus Lucy she left on Wednesday.

I may have gone a little bit crazy with this gallery today. I can honestly say this was one of the best days of my life!
What a great day we had. I told Rowan we had a busy day because we had pups leaving. We were going to have to give 4 puppies baths. Well she was all about that and when she saw me putting on my smock she too wanted to wear one. " I will be ordering her one soon" She was pleased as punch with being able to help grandma with the bathing.
We then proceeded to take the little ones out to play after Vale woke from her nap and boy was that a blast! So many photos I am sorry but I just couldn't Help MySelf!
My husband Kreg is able to get away when need be and he is usually around by friday afternoon when I have the girls all day. He is the best husband, father and grandpa ever. I couldn't begin to do all I do without his help.
Enjoy the photos, we are truly blessed to have our country home on the gravel road raising a few pups here and there and sharing all the fun with the little ones.

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