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It's always a busy time for me preparing for puppy departure day. Getting the crew all spit shined and the pups ready to leave keeps my hustling.
I enjoyed meeting Frank and Nancy finally after several months of correspondence they were patient and were able to bring home Teddy their buff boy.
Rebecca and Paul came back for CC Cocker #2. Chase now has a new friend Caedence.
I enjoyed meeting my newest family who haven't yet picked out Ty's new name but I have a feeling its going to be something great. What a perfect home for this little guy. I can't wait for updates

Hi Stephanie!
It was so nice to finally meet you. Our Teddy is doing so well. There were quite a few "singing" episodes on our trip home, but he would quiet down and take a nap. He is so playful and adjusting to his new home.
We can't thank you enough for your time and effort in providing such beautiful companions.
Thank you and gave a super day!
Frank and Nancy

Picked Caedence up yesterday from Stephanie and got to watch her lovely crew romping in the yard. Caedence snuggled the whole way home, except for one potty break. She enjoyed exploring all the new toys when she got home, and then walked into her crate in the dining room and fell asleep on her bed. Such cuteness!

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