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Stephanie –
Zoey is an ANGEL!!!! We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy!!! The first night went perfect. I could hardly get the girls to go to sleep because they did not want to quit playing with the pup….I swear she is already potty trained…lol. You must have done something with them. Do tell….We have literally let her run around the house and play and the minute her feet touch grass she goes to the bathroom…. I brought her to work with me today because I did not want her to be home alone and she has wondered all around my office and not had one accident….The minute I take her outside ….she goes I even cheated this morning….I could not stand it…she woke up around 5:00 this morning and was crying so I took her outside, she did her business, so I put her in bed with us, she cuddled right in and went back to bed. She is an absolute angel. We love her to death!!!!! I could not imagine her not in our lives and we have only had her one day….lol Thank you so much for her!
Zoe the Angel!Merry Christmas from Zoey

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